Our chefs, the gastronomic heart of the restaurant

Since 2005, Bruno and Stefano Mazzotti have been taking care of the restaurant's kitchen. This includes everything from the selection of raw materials and their seasonality, to pastry and bread making, and the study of flavours and fragrances. All this has created a setting with an international scope that is dynamic, pleasant, informal and unusual. Don't hesitate to book a table at our restaurant in Saint-Vincent and discover the culinary proposal of our two chefs!

Local, yet much more

From appetisers to desserts, our restaurant's gastronomic proposal allows you to get closer to traditional Valle d'Aosta cuisine, with typical recipes in a gourmet manner. Our chefs' taste allows them to remain in the tradition, while moving freely in search of new combinations. Our restaurant offers territorial flavours in Saint-Vincent, as well as numerous proposals from all over the world, in an attempt to offer each guest a tailor-made gastronomic experience. Discover our menu and you will be surprised by the variety of proposals and their refinement. Our dishes are able to firstly satisfy your eyes, and then satisfy your palate, all while refreshing your mind. See you there!