Our restaurant

Le Grenier has been the best-known restaurant in Saint-Vincent's gastronomic panorama for over 30 years, with a combination of modernity and tradition that continues to surprise.

Gourmet cuisine

Our refined cuisine and elegant service are our pride. The dishes we offer are carefully studied by the chefs Stefano and Bruno Mazzotti, who combine their experience and their creativity with raw materials of the highest quality. The culinary proposals of our restaurant range from the classics of local tradition revisited in a gourmet key to innovative dishes in which to find flavors and scents of the world.

Warm and welcoming local

The old barn with its elegant and refined furnishings creates a unique environment, where the wood of the mezzanines, the grottoes and the copper fireplace create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our restaurant in Saint-Vincent marries the rustic Aosta Valley style with taste and attention to an elegant style, with attention to detail.