Our philosophy


The menu has a variety of dishes with a choice between local dishes and seafood, but the menu also varies according to the time of the year to ensure that the ingredients are always fresh and new dishes constantly makes their way into our menu! The cuisine is very modern and is based on traditional practices, always using quality raw produce. Creativity and innovation are the keys to creating new dishes, and their creation is inspired by constant research and innovations in cooking techniques and cuisine, without complexity because the goal is to delight the taste buds, without unnecessary excess.

Local and external produce


From appetizers to desserts, the restaurant's culinary offering allows you to get closer to the cuisine of the Aosta Valley, with typical gourmet recipes.

The restaurant offers a local menu but also numerous other item from around the world, while aiming to offer each client a customized dining experience.

sala per banchetti

Ideal spot for events

Le Grenier is refined and elegant while being very distinctive at the same time. It is the ideal location for events of all kinds.

We are convinced that the setting as well as the cuisine will leave a lasting impression and we would be happy if you could share in what our restaurant has to offer.

cucina creativa
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